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Ann - Christin Berger

Value Chain Expert & Organisation Development Practitioner

Ann - Christin Berger

Let's Connect. Dots. Together.

Remi Foster.


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About Me

About Me.

As value chain expert and organisation development practitioner with almost ten years of professional experience, I have worked with individuals, private businesses and public institutions worldwide, mainly based out of Africa. I enjoy working on organisational, economic, socio-cultural, technical and strategic issues together with partners and clients in a creative, constructive and solution-oriented way. I am a versatile person and a good communicator with a quick grasp of new facts and situations. Having worked and lived with people from around the world, I cultivated an open mindset and the ability to accustom myself quickly in different professional and cultural environments. With a passion for connecting different perspectives, organisations and markets, I appreciate the diversity of clients and assignments. Let's find out how I can support you.


Consulting Services.


  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Sector Analysis 

  • Policy Advice

  • Technical Studies

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Business Development Support

  • Training Material & Curricular Development  (ATVET) 

  • Project Conceptualisation, Acquisition & Management

  • Conference & Event Management


  • Strategic Planning

  • Organisation & Culture Assessments

  • Team building

  • Process Facilitation & Moderation

  • Trainings

  • Change Management

  • PR & Communications 

  • Content Creation & Editing

  • Internal Communication 

Wim Schipper

Director Tree Nuts & Ingredients

Intersnack Germany

On the basis of Anns' knowledge, business “Fingerspitzengefühl”, enthusiasm, and great personality, she contributed in an eminent way to our supply chain linkage projects in Africa.


Ann acts as easily in farming villages upcountry as in governmental or business settings.


Seth Osei Akoto

Crop Service Director

Ministry of Food and Agriculture Ghana

Ann has proven to be a hard-working person with an in-depth knowledge on organisation development issues in the cashew sector globally.

Ann performed her job creditably as a leader.

As a team player, she showed good judgment, and produced excellent results.


Her out of the box and unconventional thinking has helped our partnership with GIZ, which has led to solving practical issues in the industry.

Rita Weidinger

Team Leader




Ann drove the communication unit to its current strength and brought ComCashew into the limelight of development work, receiving the 2015 OECD/DAC Price on Taking Innovation to Scale. Ann, you strive high and you score highest!


Using communication as her biggest asset, Ann added organisation development skills to her professional portfolio to revitalise the disorganised cashew sector in Ghana, highly appreciated by all actors.


Whatever topic to discuss or event to moderate, the activist in Ann comes to play. Ann does her work with an energy and a speed that is sometimes hard to catch up with and a quality that is little far from perfection.

I love working with Ann and am very proud to see her fast professional and personal growth

Herman uit de Bosch

Managing Director

FairMatch Support Netherlands

I’ve worked with Ann for several years in a multi-stakeholder partnership setting in a complex cashew sector in West Africa.


Ann is a serious professional who knows how to balance various positions to set a common goal.



Conceptual Thinking
People & Relational Skills
Collaborative Mindset
Self Awareness & Authenticity
Communication Skills
Consistency & Motivation
Let's Connect

Let's Connect.

GH +233 (0) 54 180 4770 
GER +45 (0) 152 284 111 92
GER +45 (0) 152 284 111 92
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